Staffing Patterns / Hours of Operation

Our organization’s experience at both international airports tells us that our staffing patterns should mirror the inflow of passengers based on the pattern of outgoing flights and passenger volume. Based on these criteria we provide staffing to ensure good customer service and satisfaction at all times.

Based on our experience, in reviewing the operating hours, expected flow of customers, and other operational requirements, our staffing plan for this facility at the Sangster International Airport provides for ten (10) members of staff, inclusive of one (1)Assistant Manager, two (2) Supervisors, four (4) Sales Clerks and three (3) cashiers with overall control under our Regional Manager for Montego Bay.

In addition to the constant presence of the Manager, Assistant Manager and/or Supervisors, both the Executive Chairman and Managing Director will conduct regular visits.  This has proven to be highly successful in our other enterprises, as it keeps management in touch with operational issues and acts as a retardant to unacceptable activities.