Norman Manley  International Airport

Casa de Xaymaca: Keyrings, T-shirts, slippers, shotglasses, magnets, ashtrays (red, green and gold), bags, bracelets and necklaces (red, green and gold and Jamaican colours) and keyholders

Reggae Vibes for kids: T-shirts, shorts, slippers, drawstring bags, bibs, rompers, stuff toys, pencils, kiddies bracelets, dresses and footballs.

Sangster International Airport

Casa de Xaymaca:  Shotglasses, keyrings, mugs, t-Shirts, magnets, spoons, postcards, bags, towels, pharmaceutical supplies.

Reggae Mart: Patties, pepper sauce, Jerk sauce, pimento, teas, gum, snacks (bun, crackers, sweets), vanilla, and cocoa butter.