Customer Service Philosophy

Our philosophy is “To ensure customer satisfaction in their choice of our products and, consequently, to market only goods of the highest quality by courteous, efficient and well trained staff”

Our customers are served with special attention being paid to details, to ensure that their requirements are satisfied.  Staff members are trained to understand the customers needs and expectations and to surpass them and, in general, to deliver quality service.

We recognise that through quality customer service we will have satisfied customers which will mean more business and repeat business as well.  We have developed a high rate of return customers on a yearly basis and who refer others to our stores.

Programmes such as personal interviews by our Executive Team of customers in the stores as well as passengers we identify with our shopping bags have proven essential to our operations and success. Levels of service and satisfaction can be monitored via e-mail and telephone as customers can communicate with us as these details are on our shopping bags.
All complaints and comments are treated with care and alacrity to ensure no repetition of customer dissatisfaction with refunds, discounts and exchanges being readily available when considered justified.